Cherry Tomatoes Revisited

Well, it didn’t take long to get back to these guys. Personally, I spit up the one I tried, but to me raw tomatoes are Satan’s apples. Everyone else seems to like them. At least they have interesting stems…


Snapshots: Tomatillo

This purple tomatillo is the largest plant in the garden. It flowered for what seemed like a long time before finally starting to produce tomatillos. Now it’s covered in these interesting, lantern-shaped fruits.

Snapshots: Cherry Tomatoes

This plant is just now beginning to yield some ripe tomatoes, so in a day or two I may be writing about how these taste, but for now we’ll just look at them. I put two cherry tomato plants, a Sungold and a Supersweet 100 into a large pot along with some cinnamon basil and a bush bean plant. Today some of that basil went into delicious pesto.

Snapshots: Complimentary Foliage

As I said in my introduction, I will be making some visually-oriented posts. In fact, I will try not to go more than a couple of days, at least during the growing season, without posting one of these. This series of posts will be called “Snapshots,” unless I think of something better.

I was walking through my garden taking pictures when these plants caught my eye. I really like the Peruvian Purple Chiles and intend to keep at least one as a houseplant through the winter, but I thought they looked particularly nice next to these carrots.

Let’s make the pun and call this a seedling.

Well, what is this now?

I’ve been sporadically blogging about my garden for about a year now. It was my first real blog experience and, now that I’ve gotten my feet a little wet, I’ve decided to start anew with a fresh blog here on WordPress.

First, a little introduction. I’m a student in my university’s environment program. The degree in this program is somewhat customizable, each student being able to specialize in whatever aspect of environmental studies they wish. I’ve decided to call my own specialization “Permaculture Design.” For all those not in their university’s environment program, a permaculture is basically a sustainable landscape. According to Wikipedia, the term “is a portmanteau of permanent agriculture as well as permanent culture.” Also of note, like other environmental concepts that are increasingly reaching the notice of the masses, this idea is not a new one, dating back to the 1970s.

Now, gardening is a relatively recent passion of mine. I had no experience with plants for most of my life, but now that I’ve found my interest, the lessons are coming quickly. This blog will chronicle what I learn and have learned already as an organic gardener, focusing on edible and native plants. I will share tips, tricks, and mistakes. I am interested in companion planting, soil ecosystems, wildlife habitat and interaction, biodynamic farming, and everything else that isn’t poisonous or toxic.

I also like to photograph my garden, so this blog will be very visual and will include many posts oriented around a single photograph. As I am growing many edible plants, I will also be including information on harvesting, preserving, and preparation. Herbalism is another interest of mine and, with any luck, I’ll have posts related to the non-culinary uses of various plants as well.

Many internet resources have been helpful to me as sources of both information and inspiration. I hope this new blog will inspire someone or answer a question or two. At the very least, I promise to post some pretty pictures.

And that’s that.